Gospel Urgency For Diverse, Minority-led, Multi-ethnic Church Plants

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“The Bible shows us the Lord’s hot pursuit of all peoples and cultures, and this is expressed most completely in the gospel and is fulfilled completely in the kingdom of God. Yet, God’s multi-ethnic vision is not commonly found in North American churches. We are compelled to ask: Is this a theological problem? Apart from language and geographic barriers, is the presence of God seen and found in multi-ethnic gospel communities? Or is his presence muted & blocked by comfortable mono-cultural churches? This session will explore the theological and practical urgency for multi-ethnic church planting and reforming mono-cultural churches into a Christ-glorifying diversity.”[1]

Unfortunately, too many reformed Christian communities still believe in color blindness, because they think race is about biology (skin color) instead of ideology, although many specialists and non-specialists have made strong arguments to show that the American construct of race had more to do with social currency than with DNA.

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