Two more police shootings of black men—Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile‬ in Minnesota. Parts of both moments captured on video. Protests in Dallas end up with at least five police officers dead. Naturally passions run high in such moments. What are we to think? Who’s in the right? Why is this happening again? Are we blind to racial injustices? Is our society unraveling at the seams?

While the dust continues to settle, once again we’re confronted with how the experiences of many African Americans in this country widely differ from that of the majority population.

With these events fresh in the headlines, how should white Christians respond and relate to the anger and hurt of black Christians over racial injustices? Earlier this year we posed this question to Garrett Kell (lead pastor of Del Ray Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia), Darryl Williamson (lead pastor of Living Faith Bible Fellowship in Tampa, Florida), and John Onwuchekwa (lead pastor of of Cornerstone Church in Atlanta, Georgia).

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