Reflections On The Second Annual Arise Summit In Tampa

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RAAN Contributor Jarvis Williams offers his reflections on the second annual Arise Summit that took place recently in Tampa, Florida.

Pastor Darryl Williamson, an African-American bio-vocational pastor of Living Faith Bible Fellowship in Tampa, Florida, has a passion and a clear vision for reaching the urban context with the gospel. His vision extends both to his own local church and beyond. Over the span of several years of faithful ministry, Pastor Darryl has led a predominately African-American congregation to be overtly diverse. Predominately led by African-Americans and a diverse group of Hispanic members, the church is a multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-generational, and economically diverse congregation with African-American, Anglo, and diverse Hispanic membership. To help equip churches in and beyond the Tampa area to foster this kind of urban racial reconciliation ministry, Pastor Darryl and his leadership team founded Arise City Summit. As stated on the movement’s webpage, “Arise City Summit is about taking the Gospel to urban communities and addressing urban realities. God’s vision for Christian community has always been mosaic.”

The Summit

The second annual Arise City Summit took place May 28-30, 2015 on the beautiful campus of the University of South Florida in Tampa. The theme was “Gospel, Racial Reconciliation, and Justice.” The summit featured a diverse group of speakers, who gave provocative and challenging talks, from different disciplines and different perspectives. The speakers were scholars, pastor/scholars, pastors, and social justice advocates. There were seven speakers. Five speakers were African-American and two were Anglo. Five of them were men and two were women. Each speaker spoke approximately 60 minutes and participated in a panel discussion that featured questions from the audience.

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